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Digital Information Sessions

Arts ISIT will feature information sessions for faculty, staff, and students to see how technologies can be used in an instructional setting. Through a series of short video clips (3-5mins), it will showcase the best, the hottest, and the newest innovations to use in the classroom and beyond.
Starting October 29th through November 6th, the Buchanan Digital Signage will showcase videos aimed at introducing students, faculty and staff to the latest technologies and services available in teaching and learning, such as team-based learning, video annotation tools, and lecture capture technologies.
The videos will be shown on high definition displays located in the informal learning spaces in Buchanan A204, B214, and B314.

Sustainable International Volunteering: ISL in Costa Rica

Past Go Global ISL participants will explore questions about international volunteering by drawing on their experience from three months working alongside the Asociación de Voluntarios para el Servicio en Áreas Protegidas ( in Costa Rica. They will examine what it means to volunteer internationally, different international volunteering styles and sustainable expectations one can have before and during the experience.

Connecting Theory to Practice: International Service-Learning in Swaziland

In May–August, 2011, five UBC students volunteered with Swaziland National Network of People Living with HIV and AIDS (SWANNEPHA) as part of the Go Global International Service-Learning program.
Come to this event to watch them present how their experiences prior/during/after living in Swaziland connected the theory they have learned in UBC courses to real world practice.

TA Training poster display

a poster display featuring information on TA Training opportunities at UBC, showing the ways in which the different faculties are providing this training to graduate students

Betwixt and Between: Influences on the Book Illustrations of Charles van Sandwyk

Charles van Sandwyk is one of the world’s most accomplished book illustrators. UBC Library Rare Books and Special Collections presents an exhibition that explains the artistic and literary sources of van Sandwyk’s work.

Stories that Transcend Borders: The Human Experience of Immigration

Over the course of three months (May-August, 2011), seven students from the Go Global International Service-Learning program at the University of British Columbia engaged in a series of open dialogues with the aim of understanding the multifaceted issue of immigration. This process opened their eyes to the complexities of immigration and required that they delve into Mexican culture and society. With this presentation, the students hope to share with others what they learned from the people who shared their stories with them.

The Global Eco-crisis: Is it too late? Lecture by David Suzuki

The Global Eco-crisis: Is it too late? Lecture by David Suzuki

Dr. David Suzuki, distinguished Canadian environmentalist and UBC Professor Emeritus, in conjunction with the opening of the Centre for Interactive Research & the Accelerating Sustainability International Conference, presents a public lecture at the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts on Thursday, November 3 at 7:30 pm. In an engaging, 60-minute lecture entitled “The Global Eco-crisis: Is it too late?”, Dr. Suzuki offers his insights on the state of the environment and whether there is hope for the future.

Sustainability Learning 101

Drop-in anytime between 1-4pm at the Sustainability Education Resource Centre to get one-on-one advise from a Student Advisor about integrating sustainability into your studies through courses, leadership and volunteer opportunities, and get informed about current sustainability events happening on and off campus.

Beyond Concept Maps: Mindmapping Innovations for Multifaceted-Sustainability

Participants in this seminar will: survey a diversity of mindmap forms/types, assess examples of their application to transformative sustainability learning, and create a mindmap of their own that illuminates a research-related concept, a course syllabus, or the essential elements that catalyze and perpetuate personal sustainability.

Sustainability Learning 101

Want to incorporate sustainability into your studies?
Come talk to us and get one-on-one advise on how to integrate sustainability into your existing degree through curricular and co-curricular opportunities.