Beyond Concept Maps: Mindmapping Innovations for Multifaceted-Sustainability

Name: Beyond Concept Maps: Mindmapping Innovations for Multifaceted-Sustainability

Date & Time: Tuesday, November 1, 1:00PM – 2:30PM

Location: Policy Lab A (Room 1141A, CIRS – Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (2260 West Mall)

Description: Sustainability proposes a dramatic shift in the trajectory of the human project. Is the text-intensive, linear and reductionistic worldview that propelled (and is perpetuating?) deeply problematic circumstances sufficient to direct us towards fundamental solutions?

Some suggest that revolutionary tools for understanding and communicating are required. Mindmaps are not simply networks, are not synonymous with “concept maps”. Mindmaps mimic nature while highlighting process, pattern, self-organization and emergence. Mindmapping unites words and shapes into simple patterns; mindmaps describe territoties in the real world and in human mindhearts. Mindmapping is fun and facilitates transformative understanding.

Participants in this seminar will: survey a diversity of mindmap forms/types, assess examples of their application to transformative sustainability learning, and create a mindmap of their own that illuminates a research-related concept, a course syllabus, or the essential elements that catalyze and perpetuate personal sustainability.

Workshop presenters/facilitators:
Dr. Kurt Grimm is an interdisciplinary Earth/Life scientist; I am perpetually fascinated with patterning and transformation. I aspire to a unique synthesis of natural and Living phenomena that may clarify, catalyze and perpetuate authentic and transformative sustainability. (

Kshamta Hunter is a Student Advisor with the UBC Sustainability Initiative. She holds a B. Ed and is currently working on her master’s thesis centered on sustainability education and curriculum development at UBC.

Angela Willock is a super passionate student at UBC who is determined to see the university truly embody sustainability. She is actively involved with sustainability education initiatives through goBEYOND, Common Energy UBC, CityStudio, UBC’s Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT) and through her own undergraduate degree at UBC!

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