Mortality and the Artist

Name: Mortality and the Artist

Date & Time: November 3, 8:00PM – 9:30 PM

Location: Green College, 6201 Cecil Green Park Road

Description: Our mortality lies at the heart of why we make art, why we tell each other stories; it’s also at the core of religion, where faith offers comfort and meaning. Works about death can be romantic, harrowing, simply entertaining, or extraordinarily philosophical. Our obsessions with mortality are various and evolve as we age.

Two writers and a musician will contribute to an evening of readings and song, exploring the idea of mortality as the most profound source for artistic expression. Why do we write and sing about death? What functions do our writings have for us, for our readers and our audiences?

Green College’s 2011 Writer-in Residence, Don Hannah, an award winning playwright and novelist hosts.

Ticketing Information: This is a free event – everyone welcome: artists, writers, and musicians. Open to the public. For more information visit