Canadian Soil Web Collaborative

Name: Canadian Soil Web Collaborative

Time & Date: Friday, October 29  1:00PM – 3:00PM

Location: CTLT Theatre (Formerly Telestudios)
University Services Building, 2329 West Mall


We are fortunate that BC is characterized by the greatest variety of soil types and landscapes among all Canadian provinces and territories. By taking advantage of the variety of soil landscapes, the Canadian Soil Web Collaborative exposes learners to different soil types, landscapes and environments and a variety of potential soil management issues.

The UBC Faculty of Land and Food in partnership with the UBC Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology, Thompson Rivers University, University of Northern British Columbia and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada worked collaboratively to create web-based resources for learners, instructors, professionals and for anyone who needs this knowledge. Learners will be able to access information from various geographic regions, interact with other learners and professionals in the field and generally be able to broaden their learning perspectives. These online learning tools will have a number of practical implications to the study of soil science including:

1. Open accessible information from various experts
2. A shareable learning resource for instructors and professionals
3. Mobile accessibility
4. Collaboration and sharing knowledge between experts and learners
5. More informed decision-making
6. Sustainable soil management

The BC Soil Web Collaborative was designed for post-secondary education but can also be used by natural resource professionals and land managers. It accommodates a variety of learning styles that helps increase student’s motivation for learning about soil and engage them by relating course content to research carried out by soil scientists at University of British Columbia (UBC) and other research institutions in Canada and North America. Consequently, they will be driven to apply their knowledge to new situations and problems.

In terms of creating and supporting a distributed community of practice, the key values of the Collaborative include:

a) Opening new avenues for learning and communication among members of the soil science community of learners thus appealing to multiple learning styles and approaches
b) Teaching students communication and networking skills
c) Connecting BC-based research and teaching projects to a broader audience
d) Expanding educational resources for K-12 teachers to present soil science to younger audiences
e) Raising the profile of soil science among university students enrolled in various natural resource sciences and general science.
f) Providing a network to potential future employment opportunities.

Dr. Maja Krzic, Faculty of Land and Food Systems / Faculty of Forestry) 
Chris Crowley (Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology)

This is a FREE event open to professionals and UBC staff, students and faculty.
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