TLEF Showcase

CLW presents a unique opportunity to learn about projects funded by the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF) and the impact of those projects on student learning at UBC.

Since 1991, the TLEF has supported more than 1,000 innovative education projects at the UBC Vancouver campus. The projects and project teams are at the forefront of improving the learning experience for UBC Vancouver students and are engaged in innovative and interesting projects that span the university and reach out into the community, both locally and on a global scale. The TLEF Showcase will celebrate the influence that TLEF projects have on enhancing learning at UBC.

More than 40 project teams will present posters about their TLEF projects at this event. For faculty, staff and students interested in applying to the TLEF, the event will provide helpful insight into the types of initiatives the TLEF supports. For those interested in innovative teaching and learning projects and practices, the event is a great way to learn about exciting projects across UBC Vancouver.