Find Your Match: Pathways for Integrating Experiential Learning and Impactful Research into Arts Courses

With the breadth and depth of ways to integrate experiential learning and applied research into courses at UBC, it’s sometimes diffucult for faculty members to know where to start. This session brings together faculty and staff from a range of units to provide an overview of opportunities to deliver high impact learning outcomes for Arts students. Learn from faculty members about the ways their curriculum has been enriched, and from expert staff who’re available to work with you in delivering your learning outcomes in partnership with community.

The first segment of this session will be a panel of faculty and staff from each participating unit who will explain what they offer, the types curricular topics/themes they can support, and how to get started. The second segment will offer an opportunity for you to meet with 2-3 of the units that may be a match for your course(s) to discuss your goals in more detail.

Participants will leave this session with a clearer understanding of the different types of experiential learning and applied research activities they can integrate into curriculum, the ability to determine where the best match is, and a set of concrete next steps for planning courses for the 2019/20 academic year and beyond.

Faculty members and staff from the following units will share their experiences:

  • Arts Alumni Engagement (integrating alumni into the classroom)
  • Centre for Community Engaged Learning (integrating community engaged learning into coursework)
  • Centre for Student Involvement and Careers (Programming including Careers in the Classroom)
  • Go Global International Learning Programs (options for leading Global Seminars abroad)
  • Riipen (integrating short term industry projects into courses)
  • SEEDS Sustainability Program (integrating applied research with community partners into curriculum)

Please RSVP before noon on Friday, April 26 as space is limited.