Best Practices for Experiential Teaching – From Field Schools to Service Learning

Best Practices for Experiential Teaching – From Field Schools to Service Learning

Date & Time:  Wednesday, October 23, 12:00pm – 12:30pm

Location: Room 1222, Forest Sciences Centre, 2424 Main Mall

Description: Experiential teaching describes a broad range of methods that have been employed in professional disciplines for many years. Recent research in pedagogical methods have resulted in a wealth of information on practices that are more and less effective at achieving learning objectives. Join our discussion of the spectrum of approaches that are used and recommendations that have been made for best practices in experiential teaching.

In disciplines ranging from medicine to forestry, the use of experience as a method of teaching has contributed valuable depth to the learning of practitioners. Many university undergraduate programs now include a co-op pathway that encourages early ‘service learning’, other programs such as education have long-employed a practicum component for their students.
Recent pedagogical studies have examined different types of experiential learning across the disciplines and enriched our understanding of how learning objectives may be achieved to greater and lesser degrees through the use of different approaches. The accumulation of evidence has led to the development of guidelines for best practices for experiential learning in a wide range of disciplines.

Our discussion will focus on the various pedagogical approaches that are used in the natural sciences for field schools, drawing similarities with practices used in other disciplines.

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Open to Public, Recommended For Faculty and Instructional Staff at UBC