What Happens On The Bus Doesn’t Stay On The Bus: The Reproduction of Coercion and Rape Culture

What Happens On The Bus Doesn’t Stay On The Bus:  The Reproduction of Coercion and Rape Culture

Date & Time:  Tuesday, October 22, 12:30pm – 1:30pm

Location: Room 182, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre

Description: Attention throughout Canada has recently focused on undergraduate student chants of “Y.O.U.N.G.”, which has been associated with the perpetuation of rape culture in Canadian society. While few have defended such behaviour, some may wonder why this has become a big deal, especially when such activity has been going on continuously for many years. I will overview a few of the recent events on the UBC campus (and elsewhere), and then say a bit about how research I have done on coercion and social power helps explain some of the problems with these sorts of rituals. At least half of the time for this event will be available for discussion with audience members.

Scott Anderson is an Assistant Professor in the UBC Department of Philosophy. He works on issues at the intersection of ethics and social and political philosophy, largely focused on how to use and regulate power, coercion, and social norms. A significant number of his publications investigate these issues in the area of gender relations, as they occur in prostitution, dating and mating, sexual harassment, and rape. He also has ongoing interests in action theory and moral psychology, privacy, and problems related to the intensification of technology and information.

Ticketing Information: This is a FREE event. For more information, visit http://philosophy.ubc.ca/

Open to Public, Recommended For Undergraduate Students and the UBC Community