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Key Strengths of Learning Communities

dialogue around community-university engagement

TLEF Poster Display

a poster display to showcase examples of successful TLEF projects

Anxiety and Children: Implications for education

This event features six UBC graduate students speaking in a panel format on a variety of ways that anxiety in childhood and adolescence interferes with learning and overall quality of life. Each speaker will explore a unique facet of anxiety and will aim to present useful insights into assessment and treatment of anxiety disorders in children and adolescents. Available treatment programs and resources will be discussed and attendees will be given the opportunity to ask questions of each of the speakers. A number of the speakers will reference on-going research relevant to the topic, whereas others will present practical information, such as information on local treatment centers and available in-person programs as well as online resources. Attendees will gain a better understanding of anxiety disorders in general and will leave with knowledge of treatment options for children and adolescents with anxiety.

TedX Terry talks

TEDx Terry talks is an independently organized TED event which will feature eight selected speakers (7 students and 1 alumni). Imagine UBC’s most fascinating and engaging students coming together for a day, giving ‘the talk of their lives,’ sharing their ideas and discussing their visions for UBC and the world in a TED-like event. Now imagine being there, with students, alumni, faculty, staff, and members of the general public engaging in dialogue on ideas worth spreading.

Cities in Our Time: Moscow

Explore the rich history of this cultural, economic, scientific, religious and financial centre of Russia, including its medieval architecture and churches.

Overcoming Perfectionism: Bringing More Ease into Life

Learn about the common reasons people develop perfectionist outlooks on things and themselves, and be prepared to discuss the difference between setting high standards for yourself and perfectionist strivings which are inherently self-destructive.

Leverage Your Leadership Experience

In this session, you will focus on identifying, labelling and packaging your leadership skills and discuss the best ways to continually leverage these experiences in today’s competitive job market.

What is American Sign Language?

The parameters of American Sign Language (ASL) will be reviewed with examples of each and videos, along with resources for further study.

The Speaking Voice

Revitalize your imagination as you delve into vocal investigations and explore vocal practices to expand the range, resonance and responsiveness of your voice in this one-day course.

TLEF Showcase

This interactive presentation and mix/mingle is an opportunity for information-sharing regarding UBC’s Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund. Successful project managers will briefly highlight their projects and be available to answer questions. Find out how and why the TLEF is an essential ingredient in UBC’s teaching and learning excellence. Faculty, staff and students are all welcome. […]