OSOT Conversations on Occupation Cafe

Name: OSOT Conversations on Occupation Cafe

Time & Date: Tuesday, October 26, 2010  7:30PM – 9:30PM

Location: Juliet’s Cafe, 1905 Cornwall Avenue (West of Burrard Bridge)


“Conversations on Occupation” is a gathering of scholars and others interested in exploring how everyday occupation shapes and gives meaning to our lives. It’s an opportunity for informal dialogue, allowing everyone to voice an opinion about the evening’s topic, ask questions, and provoke deeper thinking. Our aim is to create a community of scholars and others with a passion for spirited conversation) to join inlively discussions that take advantage of our collective wisdom – to takle issues that we might not otherwise have an opportunity to explore in our daily routine.

Alison Geriach and Teresa McElroy

This is a FREE event open to the general public interested in topics on Health and Wellness.
RSVP required to 604.827.0527

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