Conference for Learning and Academic Student Success (CLASS)

Name: Conference for Learning and Academic Student Success (CLASS)

Time & Date: 10:00AM – 5:00PM, Saturday, October 23, 2010

Location: Hebb Theatre and Irving K. Barber Learning Centre


CLASS conference will provide first-year students with the best possible resources and conditions available on campus. Students would be guided towards academic success and be prepared for fulfilling careers and enriched quality of education. Moreover, they will be shown the importance of developing skills that are pertinent to success, including analytical, problem solving and critical thinking abilities. As a result, participants will come away from this conference with the knowledge of how to be a successful and responsible member of this institution and thus, on their way to becoming agents for positive change. On the larger scale, CLASS will continue to foster a strong, supportive campus community at UBC.

This student-led initiative includes sharing study and learning strategies, mentorship opportunities, a resource fair and more.

Aside from the main conference on October 23, 2010, a series of workshops will take place from Oct. 25 – 28 around campus.

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