Contributors’ Resource Guide

Thank you for submitting an event to the 13th annual Celebrate Learning Week (CLW) taking place May 9-13, 2022. 

This year’s theme is Promoting Inclusivity and Accessibility and the week-long initiative celebrates teaching and learning opportunities at UBC. This guide will provide helpful tips to organize your session. Please note, you will be responsible for event logistics, facilitation and promotion of your individual session. The CTLT can assist with general promotion, and registration. 

If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to Rachel Lee at Thank you again for your contributions to CLW, we look forward to all of your events!

Download a PDF copy of the Contributors’ Resource Guide 


All CLW events will use the CTLT event registration platform 

  • The CTLT will develop a registration event page with information from your submission form. We can provide you with weekly updates on your registration numbers. 
  • Provided the event reaches your capacity limit, the CTLT will develop a waitlist.
  • When participants register for your session, they will have an opportunity to indicate any accessibility needs. We will share this information. We acknowledge some requests may require several-weeks advance notice (e.g. sign language interpretation).

Email Rachel with any questions regarding your event registration.

The CTLT will provide you with a Zoom Meeting link for your event. All facilitators will be added as alternative hosts. If you haven’t already, please provide Rachel with facilitator emails to be added as alternative hosts.

Online events:

In-person events:

Please be prepared with a back-up plan in the event of tardiness or illness.

  • Take attendance at your session. The CTLT will provide you with the registration list prior to your event. Please print this out and have participants check off their name. Then take a photo of your registration and send it to Rachel.
  • Classes, workshops and events on campus are permitted in line with public health restrictions as well as in accordance with UBC policies.
  • Face coverings are required in public indoor spaces on campus including classrooms and may be temporarily removed to consume food or drink or to present. 
  • Please visit the SRS sites (Vancouver and Okanagan) for up to date information about safety planning during this period. In the Okanagan, this includes a process for events and bookings
  • Individual event safety plans, specific to COVID-19, are not currently required. However, planners are encouraged to have a safety and risk management plan for events.
  • More information is available in a toolkit for event planners on the UBC Ceremonies and Events website.

This year’s conference theme is Promoting Inclusivity and Accessibility, therefore we encourage you to incorporate inclusive teaching practices, including accessible materials, content delivery and learning activities. 

General resources

Enable closed captioning

  • Enable closed captioning and live transcription in the Zoom meeting by following these instructions: Click on the CC button on the bottom toolbar > Enable Auto-Transcription.

Design a colour-blind friendly presentation 

Include a land acknowledgement 

  • Use to locate Indigenous nations and regions around the world. 
  • To receive guidance in crafting a personalized Land Acknowledgement, take this asynchronous Canvas course created by the CTLT Indigenous Initiatives & HR Workplace Learning and Engagement teams.
  • Discuss and receive additional guidance by attending a CTLT Indigenous Initiatives Coffee Drop-in.
  • The CTLT is happy to help promote your event under the Celebrate Learning Week umbrella, by featuring it on our events page, on our social media and in various e-newsletters.
  • We are sending out a CLW specific newsletter to over 6,000 UBC subscribers on April 26, 2022. Subscribe to our events e-newsletter to receive this copy.
  • The CTLT will provide you with a graphic to use to promote your event.
  • We recommend you share your event with your target audiences. You are responsible for specific promotion of your event.

Feel free to make your own post-event participant feedback survey and distribute it at the end of your session.

  • We have created a CLW Resource Wiki page to host resources, handouts and recordings. Please email Rachel any resources you wish to be uploaded, before or after your event.
  • If you are recording your session, you will be responsible for uploading this video onto an easily accessible platform. Please share this link in an email with Rachel after the session and we will link to the video on the Wiki page.