Celebrating Educational Leadership

Date & Time

Wednesday May 4th, 8:00am-5:00pm


UBC Point Grey – Pharmaceutical Sciences, Room 3340


Educational leadership is becoming increasingly important across the UBC campus yet what it means, how to document it, and how it maps onto the teaching and learning activities of faculty remains unclear. This Celebrate Learning Week event, hosted by the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, intends to explore this issue. Morning plenary and panel discussions will feature perspectives from institutional- and Faculty-level educational leaders.

An afternoon workshop will focus on educational scholarship, a specific form of educational leadership. Dr. Simon Bates (CTLT), Allen Sens (Political Sciences), Marion Pearson (Pharmaceutical Sciences), Mary Ensom (Pharmaceutical Sciences) and Sandra Jarvis-Selinger (Pharmaceutical Sciences) are amongst the speakers, panelists, moderators and facilitators involved in the event.

All are welcome and we look forward to adding your voice to this important conversation.

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