Flexible Learning: Enabling Greater Access to Learning at UBC

Flexible Learning: Enabling Greater Access to Learning at UBC
Jeff Miller

Date & Time: Wednesday, October 29, 1pm – 1:50pm

Location: Lillooet Room, 3rd Floor, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre


Open education can be understood as a collection of practices that utilize online technology to freely share knowledge and to increase access to learning. The creative act of designing an open course or project can also lead to new pedagogical approaches. In the fall of 2012, UBC began to develop a flexible learning strategy in order to respond to the opportunities and challenges presented by rapid advances in information and communication technologies, informed by the results of learning research and motivated by the objectives of improving student learning. One of the main goals of the flexible learning strategy, which underscores the importance of open education, is to enable greater access to learning at UBC. This session will provide an overview of how UBC’s on-campus flexible learning strategy is intersecting with different aspects of open education. The session will highlight flexible learning projects that are embracing open approaches and the impact that openness had on their pedagogical approaches and student learning experiences.

While finding open education resources for your course is complicated on its own, organizing and storing these resources to make them easily usable and findable also has some difficulties. Questions of where to put the material and what information you need to categorize the material needs to be addressed to make the best use of the resources you find. This session will outline a process of content curation, including a discussion on descriptive information needed for categorizing content, and recommendations on archiving your material to make it easily findable.

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