Changing real world behaviours through instructional activities

Changing Real World Behaviours Through Instructional Activities

Date & Time: Thursday, October 30, 9:00am – 10:30am

Location: Seminar Room 2.22, 2nd Floor, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre


The university is inextricably connected to the world beyond its gates through the influence that the graduating students will exert throughout their professional, personal and civic lives. This connection is recognized in the high-level goals that many universities set in terms of the qualities they seek to produce in their graduates, for example qualities relating to global citizenship. The connection is only realized through the behavioral changes of the students and graduates which arise as a result of their university experiences in the classroom or via the other educational opportunities on offer.

Behavioral change is a complex process involving not only knowledge acquisition and attitude modification, but also a range of other factors. For example, it is widely held that knowledge of an issue does not translate into action if other key conditions are not met. During the workshop we will consider models of behavioral change and explore the range of factors at play. We will focus the conversation by using sustainability and the development of pro-environmental behaviors as an example. This is an area which is highly relevant to global citizenship, and one which encompasses many disciplines.

Workshop participants will then work in groups, each engaging with a different teaching activity designed to foster behavioral change. Each group will share their experiences engaging with their allocated activity with other participants. The activities and the feedback from the participants will be gathered and a summary circulated after the workshop. There will also be the opportunity for participants to share their expertise in this area and to begin to develop activities for use in their own contexts.

Kerry Knox is a Science Teaching and Learning Fellow for the Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative, based in the Department of Chemistry at UBC. Originally from the UK, Kerry arrived in Vancouver in 2010 to carry out postdoctoral research in atmospheric aerosol science. Since 2013 her work has focused on measuring and improving learning in undergraduate science courses. Email:

Brett has been trying to decide if he is a Geologist or an Educational Developer since 2003. He completed his Masters in Earth Science at Simon Fraser University and immediately became involved in running teaching workshops, designing courses, and alternately inspiring and scaring students. He has taught at more post-secondary institutions in the Vancouver area then he cares to admit, spent many years is working in the Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences Department (EOAS) at UBC as part of the Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative (, and has recently become an Instructor with EOAS and Vantage College. Brett hopes he is unable to resolve this apparent career dichotomy any time soon.

Tara Ivanochko is an Instructor in Earth Ocean and Atmospheric Science and a Teaching and Learning Fellow with the UBC Sustainability Teaching and Learning Office. Tara teaches extensively in Environmental Science and is developing Sustainability Pathways for undergraduate students in Science. Email:

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