Asking The Right Question Makes The Difference

Asking The Right Question Makes The Difference

Date & Time:  Monday, October 21, 12:00pm – 2:00pm

Location: Room 302, Dodson Room, 3rd floor, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre

Description: This 2 hr. session invites people to a ‘musical chairs’ style session where participants may choose from a number of different presentations during the course of 1 hr. Each table hosts 20 min. sessions and shares our practices connected with the theme of ‘the question makes a difference’. The 20 min. table sessions include 5 mins. of information + a short experiential exercise in the following areas (i) Re-framing your questions using Appreciative Inquiry, (ii) Strengths spotting, (iii) Questioning Assumptions – Climbing Down the Ladder of Inference (iv) 4 tables that offer one-on-one Laser Coaching. The session will end with some reflection and a discussion on the value and challenges of these approaches, and a few action steps that participants walk away with.

Ticketing Information: This is a FREE event. For more information, visit

Open to Public, Recommended For UBC Staff and Students