Open UBC Week: Open Freedoms / Open Practices

Open UBC Week: Open Freedoms/Open Practices

Date & Time:  Wednesday, October 23, 10:00am – 10:50am

Location: Room 302, Dodson Room, 3rd floor, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre

Description: Contemporary open education practices are based on free software and free culture movements. Join Paul Stacey from Creative Commons as he explores the extent to which Open Educational Resources, MOOC’s, open access, and other open education innovations are embodying and leveraging these movements. Add your ideas to Paul’s as he imagines the possibilities open freedoms and open practices bring to education for faculty, students, and institutions. This wide ranging session will show how open is affecting every aspect of the university’s core mission – teaching, research, data, infrastructure, and community. Open freedoms have a corresponding set of ethical practices. There is growing expectation in the digital age, where the cost of copying and distributing resources is close to zero, that public funds should result in public goods. Governments and funders are increasingly putting in place open policy that requires grantees to openly license research.

Speaker Bio:

With over 25 years as an educator in adult learning, Paul has delivered high-tech educational programs in the private and public sector around the world. AT BCcampus, Paul led initiatives to forward use of educational technology for online learning, development of open educational resources, and professional development services for educators across all of BC’s public post-secondary institutions. Now at Creative Commons Paul is working to support the build out of an education and culture commons around the world.

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