Open UBC Week: Muzzles, Media Offices and Message Control

Open UBC Week: Muzzles, Media Offices and Message Control

Date & Time:  Tuesday, October 22, 2:00pm – 2:50pm

Location: Room 302, Dodson Room, 3rd floor, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre

Description: The open system that used to encourage and trust federal scientists to discuss their work has been replaced by a tightly controlled system that churns out “approved lines.” Margaret Munro’s stories exposing how the Harper government has muzzled and silenced its researchers have attracted national and international attention. Her talk will focus on Ottawa’s muzzles, media offices and message control.

Speaker Bio:

Margaret Munro is an award-winning science writer with Postmedia News, which reaches millions of Canadians through its chain of newspapers including the Ottawa Citizen, Vancouver Sun and Montreal Gazette. Margaret has been to the Arctic to write about global warming, to Cape Canaveral for space launches and to remote First Nations communities to report on devastating diabetes epidemics. She has also documented the remarkable change in federal communication policy.

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