Midterm Evaluations of Teaching Forum

Name: Midterm Evaluations of Teaching Forum

Date: Thursday, November 1

Time: 2:30pm – 4:00pm

Location: Abdul Ladha Science Student Centre

Description: Done midway through the delivery of a course, midterm evaluations offer the potential for substantial benefits to both instructors and students: it engages both in a dialogue about aspects of the course, can significantly reduce the ‘distance’ between cohort and instructors and provides an opportunity to make changes in real-time, to impact the current cohort taking the course. There are many ways in which such informal, partnership evaluations can be undertaken, and significant activity already at UBC.

This event, delivered in a World Cafe style discussion format, will address two questions around implementing midterm evaluations: what does a successful midterm evaluation of teaching look like and what questions should you (or should you not) ask on a midterm evaluation? The event is developed in partnership between CTLT and the AMS, and facilitated by CTLT staff.

Presenters: Kiran Mahal (AMS) Simon Bates (CTLT)
Facilitators: Cindy Underhill, Janet Mccracken (CTLT)

Ticketing: FREE – Please Register

Open to Public, Recommended for Faculty and Students