Habits of Highly Effective Writers

Name: Habits of Highly Effective Writers

Date: Monday, October 29

Time: 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Location: CTLT Seminar Room

Description: ‘Publish or perish’ is the mantra of the successful academic. Yet few academics have been explicitly trained as writers, and fewer still have been schooled in the intricate art of maintaining research productivity without sacrificing work-life balance. Helen Sword, author of Stylish Academic Writing (Harvard 2012), has interviewed more than 80 successful academics from across the disciplines to find out about their professional formation as writers, their daily work habits, and their habits of mind. In this interactive workshop, she will present a smorgasbord of evidence-based strategies for colleagues who aspire to write more confidently, stylishly, engagingly, daringly, or simply more prolifically.

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NOTE: For Faculty Members and Post-Doctoral Fellows only. If you are a grad student who wants to attend this lecture, please contact isabeau.iqbal@ubc.ca

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