GPS/Mitacs Event: Foundations of Project Management I: A Team-Based Approach

Name: GPS/Mitacs Event: Foundations of Project Management I: A Team-Based Approach

Date: Tuesday, October 30 – Wednesday October 31

Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm

Location: Graduate Student Centre, 6371 Crescent Road, Point Grey Campus

PLEASE NOTE: This is a two-day workshop (Tues, Oct 30th & Wed, Oct 31st) and participants must commit to attending both days to register.

All graduate students and post doctoral fellows are invited to attend this two-day Project Management Workshop. You will learn to fine-tune your ability to organize and complete your work and research.

This session is being offered in collaboration with the MITACS Step program. Mitacs Step offers a holistic, inter-disciplinary approach to professional skills development. The workshops that are offered provide practical tools in business, communications, and project management through experiential learning from industry professionals in an interactive environment, arming graduate students for success within or beyond academia.

Learning Outcomes

Session One (two consecutive days)

Learning teams of approximately five people each will be formed at the beginning of this session and will work together throughout the session. This will enable the participants to enhance their learning from each other, to experience the development of a strong team, and to develop a model of the culture that they will want to create in their projects.

– Forming new teams and learning from team members past experience
– Principles of project management and team building
– Understanding self and others using the Strength Deployment Inventory, a self-scoring questionnaire that identifies, motivations, personal strengths in relating, causes of stress or conflict and each individual’s typical response to conflict.
– Creating a team agreement on practices and processes that will enhance their work together
– Techniques and tools to increase team effectiveness at decision making
– Project planning concepts
– Using Critical Path Method (CPM) to schedule project activities
– Collaborative project planning – teams will follow an interactive agenda to develop plans for selected projects
– Risk assessment on the projects planned
– Review and discussion of learning

Who will benefit most from this workshop? Graduate students and post-doctoral fellows who attended the Introduction to Project Management session offered by GPS/Mitacs Step on October 2nd, 2012 or who have gained some experience in project management through other courses, their studies or on the job.

Refreshments: Light lunch and beverages will be provided. Please bring your own mug.

Ticketing: Seats are limited to 24 participants. Participants must commit to attending both days. Graduate students and post-doctoral fellows from all BC post-secondary institutions will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration will open the week prior to the event, please check back. Confirmation of registration will be sent within two working days. If you experience any difficulty using the online registration tool, please e-mail,

NOTE: For Current Graduate students and Post-doctoral fellows from all BC post-secondary institutions only

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