IBM Centennial Lecture Series

Name: How does a business or individual evolve with technology to achieve success?

Date & Time: Wednesday, November 2, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Location: Thea’s Lounge, Graduate Student Centre, 6371 Crescent Road

Description: As part of its Centennial Celebration, IBM is partnering with leading universities around the globe to engage the young leaders who will shape the 21st century.  These lectures are explorations, based on extensive research, of IBM’s key learnings about leadership and driving progress in an integrated and increasingly technologically enabled world, and they will also discuss the opportunities available to our students in the decades ahead.  

IBM’s Centennial lectures explore an important dimension of the modern era – the emergence of the science of information – and how this has accelerated over the past century.  This is a look at the key lessons the company has learned about how to survive and thrive – examining how companies, institutions and, most importantly, individuals can get out ahead of change in today’s technologically integrated environment.  

These insights are important for any leader, but critical to the next generation of leaders, especially those here in Canada who are trying to chart their path in a more global world today.  

Speaker:  Joe Ryan, IBM Global Business Services Partner, Communication and Industrial Sector

Ticketing Information: This event is free of charge and open to all UBC students.  It is being hosted by the Faculty of Graduate Studies through the “Graduate Pathways to Success” program.